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An application for landlords that increases management efficiency.

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Manage your real estate portfolio from one place.

REZONE is a property management application that enables you to administer any number of assets. It is ideal for both a single location and an entire portfolio of properties.

The application increases the managers’ efficiency and property owners’ security.

rezone aplikacja do zarządzanie nieruchomościami

REZONE automates key and routine property management activities.

Rezone – lepszy cashflow
Improved cash flow

REZONE streamlines the financial flows from real estate. In addition, management reports and information allow for micro and macro optimizations.

Rezone - Automatyzacja procesów zarządzania

Automation of many repetitive processes such as invoicing, indexing saves time and increases the profitability of real estate investments.

rezone - optymalizacja kosztów
Cost optimization

Streamlining time-consuming processes and convenient access to reliable information positively impacts cost efficiency.

rezone - aplikacja dla nieruchomości komercyjnych

The REZONE application can be used for any type of property. It's ideal for real estate owners and significant funds.

Comfort and fast operation

Generating Rent Roll or NOI with REZONE is just a click away. The application also provides efficient invoice generation.

rezone - rozwiązanie dla zarządców nieruchomości

We do not accept compromises. We provide a secure solution for property managers based on the latest technology.

Discover selected REZONE features

With REZONE property management application, all data is in one place. This provides the ability to freely filter and generate reports from selected areas of the system. You can also forget about spreadsheets.


REZONE provides seamless property management as well as the grouping of selected assets or easier operation.


The app guarantees access to all data in the system and the possibility of any filtering and report generation.


It allows to define terms for fees included in contracts and settle agreements according to the entered conditions.


REZONE app has features for utility billing. It is also possible to automate and configure settlement methods by the contract's provisions.

The Document Cloud

With the REZONE property management application, your leases, invoices, policies, and other documents for your properties are all in one secure place.


REZONE provides the ability to integrate with an accounting system, making real estate work much simpler and cutting out redundant costs.


The REZONE app ensures to receive reminders about expiring policies or upcoming property inspection dates.

Tenant zone

With the application, you can easily monitor the invoices issued for the rental of premises and communicate with the administrator.


The REZONE app provides complete access to all system components on any device with an internet connection.


Choose the right option for your business, or try the REZONE system for free.


  • No implementation fee
  • Up to 20 tenancy agreements
  • 1 user
  • Free support
  • Reports
  • 1GB document storage


  • No implementation fee
  • Up to 500 tenancy agreements
  • 3 users
  • Free support
  • Reports
  • 10GB document storage
  • Integration with accounting office


  • No implementation fee
  • ∞ tenancy agreements
  • 10 users
  • Free support
  • Reports
  • 100GB document storage
  • Integration with accounting office
  • Interactive real estate plan
rezone - aplikacja do zarządzania portfelem nieruchomości

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If you are looking for a solution to manage your property portfolio, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about our system and present its functionalities.