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Streamline your property management process with REZONE

Owning a commercial building or any other type of property is not only about making a profit from renting it out, but it also comes with numerous legal, tenant, and maintenance responsibilities. The key to the financial success of this type of investment is proper management, which requires the investment of time. REZONE rental property management application comes to the aid of managers and landlords, providing a multi-level improvement of their work. What functionalities does it offer?


Commercial property management – what does it consist of?

Investing in commercial properties is becoming increasingly popular. Not without reason – this model of capital growth is one of the most profitable and safe ventures on the market. Although it brings significant profits, it is not just about earning them – the effectiveness of the investment is affected by skillful management of the property or properties. It is a series of activities undertaken to take care of commercial premises, keep them in good condition and optimize their value. 

Commercial property management, which significantly affects the profitability of an enterprise, is a task that requires the commitment of time and energy. A way to save these precious resources are modern technologies that support players in the commercial market. 


For whom is REZONE commercial property management application designed?

REZONE is professional support for commercial real estate market participants. The application is dedicated to a broad audience of commercial real estate tenants – developers, managers, asset managers, individual investors and investment funds, who deal with investments and tenants daily.

The application’s functionality is very well adjusted to the realities of the commercial real estate sector, which means that many types of facilities can use it. For example, the comprehensive system is the best application for managing a retail park, an application for managing an office building, an application for managing a shopping mall, a warehouse, an airport terminal, apartments for long-term lease and more.


How does the REZONE property management app save time?

REZONE is an all-in-one app that addresses the challenges of owning a commercial property. Automating key, routine activities related to the property significantly reduces the time needed to complete management tasks. At the same time, it gives a chance to eliminate human errors. This, in turn, makes REZONE application more efficient for managers and improves the comfort and safety of property owners. 

Routine activities covered by full automation using REZONE include:

  • generating rent invoices – even for non-standard leases,
  • indexing of lease agreements,
  • accounting for utilities and reinvoicing,
  • accounting for operating expenses,
  • delivering invoices to tenants,
  • correspondence with the premises’ tenants,
  • facility data reporting,
  • integration with local accounting systems.

At the same time, the REZONE property management program is fully scalable – it can handle a single location and a whole portfolio. Managing an investment from one place, with the help of a tailored tool, also means an exceptional convenience and a precise insight into the details of a given property. 

The flexibility of the software is also crucial for property managers – thanks to the possibility of free and quick introduction of changes in the system, it perfectly adjusts to the needs of a given client and his premises. Adapting to the market realities is also ensured by how the application works, which uses access to the Internet to operate the property. All the data entered is updated in real-time.

How does the application for property managers REZONE improve their work?

REZONE is one system with many possibilities. Thanks to full automation, the commercial property management program saves time for landlords. Practical functionalities, with which the application has been equipped to manage the lease, also contribute to improving their work. Individual modules, which ensure better property management, adapt each time to the manager’s unique needs.

Application for property landlords allows storing all documents, including rental agreements, invoices and policies, in one safe place. In addition, all system elements are available remotely – from any place, at any time, on any device with internet access. 

The application for managers is efficient and intuitive thanks to the user-friendly interface. Equally important is the security of the system based on the latest technological solutions.

The program for property managers also improves their communication with tenants who, through the panel, gain access to their rent settlements and communicate with the administrator on current issues. Shortened contact path also affects tenants’ satisfaction. 

This is not the end of benefits offered by REZONE application – properties management requires constant optimization of their value. The option of free filtering and generating reports from the system data means freedom from spreadsheets and clear insight into the most critical data. This allows for micro and macro analysis, which has a positive impact on the property’s cash flow, i.e., the financial flows generated by it. At the same time, they are better secured, and the value of properties using the system increases further. 

Do you own a commercial property? Are you looking for a solution to manage your property portfolio? Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to introduce you to REZONE, a program for property managers. Please get to know the possibilities of the system and test it for free!

commercial property management application
REZONE property management app